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What is the youth of the range, youth can be everything, can be a song, a picture, an article, then the most beautiful youth and what is it like?
The beginning of the youth is like the roses under the sun, tender and beautiful; the growth of youth is like thunderstorms under the grass, tenacity and fearless; withered youth as the breeze under the switchgrass, comfortable without thinking. I know you like me, the same worship in the crowd waving the focus of the flash; I know you and I like the same willing to pursue the same in the mud. I know you and I like the same, Of the insistence.
I know you and I like the same pride, the same self-esteem.
Because we have the same youth, thriving, never give up the youth.
It is said that youth is a prisoner in prison, it all had to obey the fate of the order, in the plain hardships in the finish; some say that youth is a dazzling poem, it must let us give it all glow , It is different; it is said that youth is an outdated wealth, it must let us give up everything to enjoy, to reflect the joy of life.
But I believe you and I like, never think so.
Because we know that there is a belief has been with our youth, and that is the dream. The reason why youth seem dull, because you do not have enough effort for the dream; the reason why the youth is luxurious, because it gives us life can have the most valuable things. Such a thing than the spirit of struggle! And once the spirit of our affirmation, it becomes meaningless!
My youth own my range of children, full of confidence in the range of children, proud and brave Fan children, bold and sincere Fan children, no one can look down on you, if you have extraordinary youth. Because you not only understand the youth struggle, you can also struggle to complete the mission of youth. My youth has my own range.

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